When standing in front of the Polar Bear pit facing East there are two distinct areas.

On the North side is the main door for entering from the dens at the back into the pit. This area is distinctively circular with a large round pool dominating the space. various step features emanate from the outer side of the pool creating small platforms. A bridge from the main entrance allows for access to the pool where stands a large angular “diving board”.

The South side is a maze of angular steps and hidden arches reminiscent of a 1950’s futuristic Sci-Fi landscape. It is a stylized concrete iceberg with a large “Y” pillar at it’s centre to support the overhanging roof. At the back is a small door through which the bears would enter and leave the pit.

Surrounding the main platform areas is a deep trench and a large spiked gate separates the two.

Below are the original schematic drawings for the Polar Bear Pit.