“When I was delivered to my first trainer in Hamburg, I was quick to realize that there were two possibilities open to me: zoo or variety theatre. I didn’t hesitate. I told myself: do everything in your power to get into variety theatre; that’s your way out; the zoo is nothing but a different barred cage; if you land up there, you’re doomed.”

Franz Kafka
A report to an academy

In September 2012, the working group with Jay and Carey Dodge from Boca Del Lupo entered the polar bear pit to run a series of feasibility tests to discover if the space could become a live performance venue. Areas of investigation covered accessibility, Health and safety and the performance capabilities of the space.

A report of the findings, due to be completed in Summer 2013, documents the current state of the pit and makes recommendations for development of the space to turn the polar bear pit from a deteriorating memory to a vibrant venue for live music and out-door theatre.

The following maps were developed for use by other potential programmers of the space to understand the challenges and opportunities it presents.